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Results Oriented

I have a track record of advocating for #WeThePeople.

I don't talk the talk; I walk the walk getting results.

I have a proven track record of service to #WeThePeople of Brevard on Key Issues such as: #Agenda2030 with Live Local, Fiscal Responsibility, Impact Fees, Accountability, Transparency, Lagoon plan Fraud, No Toll Roads in Brevard, Critical Evacuation Deficiency, Brevard PFAS Contamination causing cancer.

 Brevard We The People Advocate with Track Record

I want to help Brevard Republicas bringing my experience as an advocate for We The People of Brevard County.  I am motivated because I my research suggests the Globalists are already here in Brevard.  

For more than 5 years I have selflessless service Brevard on #WeThePeople issues.  I have extensive knowledge from attending most Brevard County Commission meetings, Transportation (TPO), Lagoon, Budget, Budget Review and Tourism (TDC) meetings.  I have served on a number of boards including school SAC, and the Patrick Space Force Base Restoration Advisory Board for several years.  

Republicans must work together to Save America.  Special interests are driving decisions that are not in the best interests of America and We The People.   It starts LOCAL.  Just like I protested against the over-reach of the Vaccine Mandates, we must push back from the local level to STOP the Globalists.  Brevard is groundzero with our strategic space and port. 

My formal training as a systems analyst, whose strength is strategically looking at problems and solving them, allows me to pursue the global view with the qualifying technical and supporting research. 

My strengths include reviewing large documents and identifying key points in the context of problems to be solved.  When addressing very large volumes of documents each with several hundreds of pages, I am able to evaluate and concisely summarize the issues in order to address problems.  This is how I achieved getting the FUDS with the dump under South Patrick Shores, and other local issues.    

True Conservative

Look to my actions to know I am a True Conservative.  I have been married more than 20 years to wonderful husband with strong moral values.  We have 3 children, with the youngest in High School.   We own our modest home without debt.   I advocate for We The People on many Conservative issues, especially fiscal and accountability.     

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