About Sandra Sullivan

Results Oriented

I have a track record of working for the people. I don't talk the talk; I walk the walk getting results.

Working For Brevard on Key Issues such as: Fiscal Responsibility, Impact Fees being revised, Accountability, Transparency, No pollution in Save the Lagoon plan, Stopping Toll Roads in Brevard, Critical Evacuation Deficiency central beaches, Military dump under homes in beachside and Cancer causing PFAS

 Working For Brevard

I have been working for the people of Brevard County – For 4 years I have attended most Brevard County Commission meetings, and many Transportation (TPO), Lagoon, Budget, Budget Review and Tourism (TDC) meetings.  I have served on a number of boards including school SAC, and the Restoration Advisory Board for Patrick Space Force Base for several years.  The reason I am pursuing County Commission office is I because I could get so much more done as an elected official. 

My formal training as a systems analyst, whose strength is strategically looking at problems and solving them, allows me to pursue the global view with the qualifying technical and supporting research. My strengths include reviewing large documents and identifying key points in the context of problems to be solved.  When addressing very large volumes of documents each with several hundreds of pages, I am able to evaluate and concisely summarize the issues in order to address problems.  This is how I achieved getting the FUDS with the dump under South Patrick Shores, and other local issues.    


I have advocated for Brevard residents for fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency, safety and health of the people and fixing the lagoon.  Lots of candidate makes promises, but what have they already done for the people of Brevard?  My integrity and work ethic is well known in Brevard County.  I have earned the trust of my community and am willing to address difficult, and sometimes inconvenient, issues with an honest assessment without political spin.  

What is important for Brevard?  The single most important issue is inflation, and increasing taxes.  39% increase in garbage, 33% fire assessment, 46% compounded rate over 5 years for water and sewer, and 22% compounded rate for garbage disposal.  Without impact fees adjustments, Brevard residents are going to feel the pain of far more increases as the county puts the burden on the taxpayers of Brevard. 

 The Space program and of course, the Indian River Lagoon are also important.  The health and safety of residents is also important requiring intergovernmental coordination.  Advocating for local rule when there is overreach of state and federal government has become all the more important.  Hurricane evacuation and resiliency will be issues so protecting wetlands is our greatest protection for flooding.  Drinking water will be another increasingly important concern as water shortages are anticipated with Florida growth according to FDEP.  Inflation will be another big issue – perhaps biggest issue moving forward especially with Federal spending and likely devaluation of currency.  30% price hikes on services from the County is unsustainable and unacceptable.   

How my Work for Brevard Began

I was happily taking care of my family in beautiful Brevard when I started to get involved on social media because of sewage dumps.    Then I learned in Summer of 2018 that there was a cancer issues in 32937 beachside.  I made the choice to work for my community.  Since then, my name has been in the paper numerous times, as I have been active on many issues.  Many people know who I am when I tell them I am the lady who lives on the dump beachside, that dug up military waste buried during and after WWII.   Thanks to Congressman Posey’s help, we got the Federal designation by USACE for FUDS and $5.8 million to come in and test. 

Many know about the higher cancer concerns here; and the work I did to protect our residents.  I love the military and the sound of freedom with their aircraft but have concerns about DOD not protecting the lives of our servicemembers, their dependents and our local communities based on the research I have done locally.  This also is impacting our precious lagoon and marine life – with PFAS (fire fighting foam) disposed to the lagoon.   

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