Sandra Sullivan

As Brevard's State Committeewoman, my committment is to serving as your Republican Advocate in Brevard, on the leadership team of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).  I bring extensive knowledge of state and local Republican issues and a proven track record of advocating for #WeThePeople.
  • Protecting our American Constituion and Freedom 
  • Support #AmericaFirst Values 
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency
  • #SaveAmerica not #Globalist Agenda 
  • Fiscal address #Agenda2030 & Live Local – their tax exemptions are your tax increases 
  • Increased Election Integrity 
  • Helping elect vetted Real Republicans (Not Rinos) 
  • Supporting BREC and all Brevard Republican Clubs
  • Helping facilitate getting youth to enbrace Republican Conservative Principles. 

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