Sandra Sullivan

The problem with most politicians is they are funded by Special Interests (Lobbyists, developers etc); so we get politicians making decisions benefiting special interests AND NOT THE PEOPLE.
Working for Brevard as a volunteer, I work to keep our Brevard elected officials honest.
#WorkingForBrevard #BrevardFirst #LocalMattersBrevard
3 Key Issues:

☀️ Limit Taxes Increases – County wants to do away with your 3% property tax cap! We have a lot growth with comes at a cost for infrastructure. Rhinos will put the cost of infrastructure burden on you the taxpayer. We need to fix impact fees (not updated in 15+ years) so developers pay their share of infrastructure (i.e. roads).

☀️ Good Government – Accountability, Transparency and free market: Need more open public records, more accountability. Why are we giving $30 million public tax $$$ to one developer for business center?
☀️ Fix Lagoon – The Lagoon is important for human health, property values, economy, and marine life. We have lost 96% of seagrass which is life in the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon plan fails to include pollution (i.e. PFAS and herbicides) as required by the State/Federally approved EPA plan (CCMP).

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