Sandra Sullivan

The problem with most candidates is they are funded by Special Interests (Lobbyists, developers etc); so we get politicians making decisions benefiting special interests AND NOT THE PEOPLE. That's how we get Rhinos! While some talk the talk with promises what you want to hear, I walk the walk. As an actual conservative, I hope to earn your vote with my track record of working on issues for the people of Brevard for 4 years full-time.
#WorkingForBrevard #BrevardFirst #LocalMattersBrevard
Don’t want tax increases; then please don’t vote for a Rhino funded by Special Interests (lobbyists, developers etc). Instead please Vote for me, the candidate who knows the issues, long time business owner, systems analyst for problem solving, and the one candidate that has put in 4 years of County meetings learning the issues.
3 Key Issues:

☀️ Limit Taxes Increases – County wants to do away with your 3% property tax cap! We have a lot growth with comes at a cost for infrastructure. Rhinos will put the cost of infrastructure burden on you the taxpayer. We need to fix impact fees (not updated in 15+ years) so developers pay their share of infrastructure (i.e. roads).

☀️ Good Government – Accountability, Transparency and free market: Need more open public records, more accountability. Why are we giving $30 million public tax $$$ to one developer for business center?
☀️ Fix Lagoon – The Lagoon is important for human health, property values, economy, and marine life. We have lost 96% of seagrass which is life in the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon plan fails to include pollution (i.e. PFAS and herbicides) as required by the State/Federally approved EPA plan (CCMP).

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